IGmA Doctoral Colloquium

27. November 2023

Zeit: 27. November 2023
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10.00 Leo Herrmann
‚Sont-ce des hommes?‘ Concepts of Mankind in the History of Architectural Theory.

11.00 Philipp Krüpe
Vibe and Violence: Picturesque Architecture and Urban Planning in the English and German-Speaking World since the 18th Century.

12.00 Elad Horn
Expropriated Once More: Following the Absentee Property Law in Jaffa and Tel Aviv.

Lunch Break

14.00 Mahy Mourad
Aesthetics of Modernity: Architecture and Representations in Independent Egypt.

15.00 Adrianne Wilson Wootton
Creating “favorable conditions”: the Architecture of Tax Avoidance.

All presentations will be in English.

Prof. Dr. Mabel O. Wilson
Dr. Verena Hartbaum

Prof. Dr. Stephan Trüby

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