Nothing seems to be safe from the rollback known as the Western democratic present: the assumed impossibility of a return of dictatorship and fascism, the assumed condemnation of racism by broader social strata, the assumed frailty of traditional gender roles, the assumed extinction of homophobic propaganda, the assumed marginalization of religious opinions on political issues, etc. The emancipatory achievements of 1968 are contested on a broad front by a partly already parliamentary opposition of right-wingers who want to turn back the wheel of time: back to a time of clearly contoured nation states with matching "peoples"; back to a "Europe of fatherlands". This front, which has become the greatest threat to the project of European unification since its inception after the Second World War, has international clout despite - or perhaps precisely because of - its nationalism. This IGmA research project aims to clarify the extent to which the rise of the right also makes statements about culture in general and architecture in particular. In order to communicate the research results, so-called "Right-Wing Spaces" walks have been and are being offered in various cities. So far, these have been held in Munich, Berlin and Frankfurt am Main, and some of them have taken place in cooperation with the Federal Agency for Civic Education and the Goethe Institute.

Preliminary work: Stephan Trüby & IGmA (Guest Curator): ARCH+ 235: "Rechte Räume. Report of a European tour"

Contact Person: Stephan Trüby

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