6. Dezember 2019

Prof. Trüby diskutiert in Los Angeles über “Right-Wing (Media) Spaces”.

The United States as well as Europe have seen a return of right-wing tendencies in the political landscape. And this rise of a (new) political right has in turn infected our physical and digital landscapes as well. Philosopher and Thomas Mann Fellow Armen Avanessian invites to an evening of comparative spatial and political investigation: how are buildings, structures and monuments sites for a political struggle for meaning, myth and hegemony? How did the ‘hinterland’ morph into an ideological fringe? Are new technologies neutral tools, equally wielded on both sides of the aisle, or they themselves a cause for populism and polarization? Join Avanessian and his guests at NAVEL on December 6, when they will be hot on the heels of political extremists in Europe, the US, and online.

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