Matteo Trentini

Associate Researcher
Institute for Principles of Modern Architecture (Design and Theory)



Matteo Trentini studied Architecture at Politecnico di Milano and at the Technische Universität Wien. Since 2013 he has been an Assistant and PhD candidate at the Istituto di Storia e Teoria dell’Arte e dell’Architettura (ISA) at the Accademia di Architettura in Mendrisio (CH), where he regularly organizes seminars on Post war Italian architecture. In his doctoral thesis Matteo analizes the Italian marxist journal Contropiano (1968-1971) and its contribution to the historiographical debate on modern intellectual labour. At IGMA he will research on the reactionary critique of modern architecture. His texts appear regularly on journals as CostruireIl Giornale dell‘Architettura, Il Manifesto.

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