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24 April 2019

Exhibition Opening @IGmA: Architektur der Schönheit der Architektur / Architecture of Beauty of Architecture.

8 April 2019

IGmA starts the 2019 Summer Semester with new courses.

4-5 April 2019

The first IGmA Doctoral Colloquium takes place.

28 March 2019

Prof. Trüby´s article in Log 45.

14 March 2019

The book Bayern, München. 100 Jahre Freistaat gets officially released.

6 March 2019

The Süddeutsche reviews Prof. Trüby´s Book, Geschichte des Korridors.

1-15 March 2019

IGmA is closed between 01.03.2019 and 15.03.2019.

14 February 2019

IGmA Day Presentation of the design seminars, film screening and exhibition opening.

2 February 2019

Prof. Trüby is giving a lecture on "Right-wing Spaces" at the annual conference of the Dramaturgische Gesellschaft in Jena.

15 January 2019

Prof. Trüby gives a lecture on "Altstadt und Altermoderne" in Heidelberg.

12 January 2019

The Standard (Vienna) reports on Prof. Trüby and the debate around the New Frankfurt Old Town.

4 January 2019

The FAZ reviews Prof. Trüby´s book, Geschichte des Korridors (History of the Corridor).

19 December 2018

Prof. Trüby gives a lecture on „Veranstaltungen des Korridors“ (Events of the Corridor) at the University of Stuttgart.

5 December 2018

Prof. Trüby invited to give a lecture on „Right-Wing Spaces: Politics and Architecture” at the Hochschule Düsseldorf / Peter Behrens School of Arts.

28 November 2018

Marlowes reports on the Conference IGmAde: 50+ Years of Architecture, Theory and Poiesis.

22 November 2018

A New Project Space @IGmA opened with the Exhibition Bayern, München: 100 Jahre Freistaat. Eine Raumverfälschung. (Bavaria, Munich: 100 Years of the Free State. A Falsification of Space.)

22 November 2018

Prof. Trüby´s Inaugural Lecture will take place at 6pm in the Tiefenhörsaal 17.01.

21 November 2018

The New Statesman (London) reports on Prof. Trüby.

16 November 2018

Prof. Trüby discusses the topic "Between Remembered Building and Built Memory" in the Dresden City Museum.

27 October 2018

Prof. Trüby discusses the topic "Right-wing Spaces" at the Berliner Volksbühne.

26 October 2018

Prof. Trüby interviewed by the Stuttgarter Zeitung.

17 October 2018

Prof. Trüby in the Portrait section of the Kontext:Wochenzeitung.

15 October 2018

New courses at IGmA for the winter semester 2018/19.

6 October 2018

The Observer (London) reports on reconstruction in architecture in Germany and Prof. Trüby.

25 September 2018

Prof. Trüby moderates a panel discussion on the topic "Everyone is talking about building culture" in the St. Maria church in Stuttgart.

21 September 2018

Prof. Trüby represented with text in the exhibition catalogue Die immer neue Altstadt.

20 September 2018

Prof. Trüby gives keynote lecture at Tirana Architecture Week (TAW).

14 September 2018

The Rem Koolhaas-book Elements of Architecture, written amongst with the participation of Prof. Trüby, has been published.

23 July 2018

Prof. Trüby in the media portrait of the University of Stuttgart.

18 July 2018

Prof. Trüby in conversation with Christian Kerez about Borromini.

17 July 2018

IGMA Day with book presentation of Prof. Trüby: Geschichte des Korridors (History of the Corridor), (Fink 2018).

22 June 2018

Prof. Trüby interviewed by hr-info on Frankfurt´s reconstructed old town.

26 May 2018

Prof. Trüby and Sandra Oehy as guest speakers at “Performing Architecture” at the 16th Architecture Biennale, Venice.

10 May 2018

A presentation on the “Elements of Architecture” by Prof. Trüby, Turin.

03 May 2018

Prof. Trüby as invited guest at the Ludwigsburger Architekturquartetts at the Musikhalle, Ludwigsburg.

08 April 2018

Article by Prof. Trüby on the reconstruction of the Frankfurt old town in the Frankfurter Allgemeine Sonntagszeitung.

03 April 2018

The IGMA under the direction of Prof. Trüby starts with a new team including Verena Hartbaum (TU Munich), Tobias Hönig (, Iassen Markov (TU Munich), Sandra Oehy (Zurich), Zsuzsanna Stánitz (TU Munich) and Matteo Trentini (Accademia di Architettura di Mendrisio).