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Institute for Principles of Modern Architecture (Design and Theory)


News archive of IGmA


1.-15. March 2019

IGmA is closed between 01.03.2019 and 15.03.2019.

14. February 2019

IGmA Day Presentation of the design seminars, film screening and exhibition opening

2 February 2019

Prof. Trüby is giving a lecture on "Right-wing Spaces" at the annual conference of the Dramaturgische Gesellschaft in Jena.

15 January 2019

Prof. Trüby gives a lecture on "Altstadt und Altermoderne" in Heidelberg.

12 January 2019

The Standard (Vienna) reports on Prof. Trüby and the debate around the New Frankfurt Old Town.

4 January 2019

The FAZ reviews Prof. Trüby´s book, Geschichte des Korridors (History of the Corridor)

19 December 2018

Prof. Trüby gives a lecture on „Veranstaltungen des Korridors“ (Events of the Corridor) at the University of Stuttgart.

5 December 2018

Prof. Trüby invited to give a lecture on „Right-Wing Spaces: Politics and Architecture” at the Hochschule Düsseldorf / Peter Behrens School of Arts.

28 November 2018

Marlowes reports on the Conference IGmAde: 50+ Years of Architecture, Theory and Poiesis.

23. November - 9. December 2018

Exhibition “IGmAde: 50+ Years of Architecture, Theory & Poiesis” at the Württembergischer Kunstverein.

22-24. November 2018

International Conference "IGmAde: 50+ Years of Architecture, Theory & Poiesis” at the University of Stuttgart and the Württembergischer Kunstverein.

22 November 2018

A New Project Space @IGmA opened with the Exhibition Bayern, München: 100 Jahre Freistaat. Eine Raumverfälschung. (Bavaria, Munich: 100 Years of the Free State. A Falsification of Space.)